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A school in a tent


This is an educational proposal that aims for:

  • Raising awareness within the education community about the exclusion situation of thousands of persons in the Refugee Camps who not exercise their right to education
  • Developing the sense of responsibility that we, as citizens, must have in the face of injustice.
  • Committing actively, understanding that together we can change this kind of situations
Category: Refugees

Didactical proposal

What I like best

What do you like best about your house? How would you feel if one day you just could not go back home? Or if you could not take with you everything you like? Everything you own?

The story of Bébé

Can we figure it out what it World be to leave our house forever? What would we feel? What would the future be for us?

Bébé's story (two sessions)

Have you heard about Africa? Do you know where it is? What do you think about their home at the Refugge Camp? And about the school?
Fisrt we start reading th story of Bébé Ratou, card 1.1, and then continue little by little with the story of girls in Chad.

Our school, other schools

What is our school like? How many classrooms and spaces are there? What kind of material du we use for writing, playing etc? Do we know any other school? What would a school in a tent be like?

Bébé's story, my story

Have we moved from our house, city of country ever in our lives? How have we felt? Are these changes like the changes refugees have to face?

Shared story

How do we think the life at a refugee child is like? What does he or she do during the day? What is the school like?

Spinning our story

Have always been refugee and displaced people? Do we know any of these people personally? Has their situation anything in common with the situation of migrants?

Singing to immigrant and refugee persons

Do you know any song about refugee or displaced persons? Who are the singers?

In a backpack

How would we feel if you had to leave our houses, our country? Which are the things we think we would chose to take with us?

Past, present and future horizons (two sessions)

What do refugee children’s drawings and testimonies transmit us? How would we feel under the same circumstances?

Refugee, displaced and migrant persons

Who are the refugees, displaced and migrant persons? Can we tell one from the others? Do we know how many of them are there in the world? How is their reality? Do the have hopes? And fears? Which are their rights and obligations?

Life's Testimony

Have you heard about the conflict in Darfur? Can you figure it out the consequences of running away from you country to look for refuge? Can you think of the familiar, economic and educational consequences?

Reasons for seeking refuge

What forces millions of people in the World to abandon their homes and lands to survive? What is there behind the wars and conflicts that prompt these situations?

To get to know the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)

When was the JRS born? Who founded it? What is its mission? Where is it?

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