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SAME 2017. I give my voice to support education

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In January 2016, Agenda 2030 was adopted, including 17 ODS, Sustainable Development Objectives. Within these objectives Quality Education is a central objective.

Through this didactic material we focus our work towards some of the objectives of Objective 4 to deepen and better understand the reality of education in the world and in our immediate environment. From ALBOAN, we are part of the Global Campaign for Education and we understand that education is not limited to the space of the school, but is present in our lives in many ways, from the involvement of families to political decision making, through the use of spaces and moments of leisure and free time or even to the treatment that the media make of certain problems or global realities.

Didactical proposal

Education for all...

Through this activity we will try to know that all the children of the world have the right to go to school, but not all pupils may have the same difficulties and obstacles.

The 11 steps to education

The activity consists of playing “11 steps for Education”. We will divide the class into 6 groups and we will have an envelope with a card, which will indicate the country assigned and we will not be able to tell it the other groups. During the activity we must imagine that we live and study there.

A school with no teachers?

In this activity we will give to each participant a role to write 5 important things they have learned in school and we will ask them to think about important things for their current and future life.

The road to educational equality

Raised as a grassroots game, this is a test run in which teams will have to relate information, data and concepts on gender disparities in education, and equal access for people with disabilities. Working transversally one of the goals of the Sustainable Development Objective 4: Ensure an inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all people.

A close look at the world

In this activity we will divide the class into three groups in order to work three different realities 1) priority attention to people, 2) care of the planet and 3) culture of peace and non-violence. Each of these three realities will have a problem: the situation of refugees and social exclusion; forest care, and violence against women, respectively.

Lifelong learning

In this activity, the objective is to deepen the understanding of the role of women in the development of sustainable development. 4.3. Sustainable Development Objective “Ensure equal access for all men and women to technical, professional and higher quality training, including university training (such as lifelong learning)” .

I give my voice to support education

The activity is designed to be done after having worked in the classroom the didactic proposals proposed by the Campaign.

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